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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Omniture ClickMap and Mobile Sites

ClickMap will not function without the JS library (the s_code.js file) running on the page. ClickMap relies on the click detection built into that file and sets and retrieves cookies as the user goes from page to page. Some mweb sites do not include the s_code.js file, but instead rely on the mobile gateway to send calls from the web servers to Adobe's tracking servers.

You may come across other features that don't work with server-side tracking. Some features you can replicate to some degree by recreating the logic in your server-side code. But, some will require JavaScript to capture user interactions. If you are interested in recreating the logic within the mobile gateway, clearly define your business requirements. You may find that you don't need to replicate the visual overlay ClickMap provides. You might just need to know which links are clicked the most.

The AppMeasurement library is the way to go, be it JS, Flash, or for mobile apps. Server-side calls are limited and force you to recreate a lot of functionality.

Thanks to Adobe Consulting for this information!
Adam Berlinger


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